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Scleral Lenses Q&A with Dr. Madison Easterling

Can scleral lenses help me with difficulties driving at night?

FAQ ThumbnailIf your difficulties driving at night are due to corneal irregularities, high amounts of astigmatism, or other corneal issues, then scleral lenses could absolutely help you with difficulties driving at night.

Can scleral lenses be a solution for someone with severe dry eye?

Scleral lenses are a great solution for people with severe dry eye because it creates a moisture chamber on the eye that stays there all day long – no matter what your natural tear film is like.

Can scleral lenses help me with post-corneal surgery complications?

Yes, scleral lenses can help after corneal surgery. I have a few patients in them after the corneal transplant surgery and it has allowed them to see much better.

Will my medical/vision plan provide any coverage for my scleral lenses?

In most cases, your insurance will cover scleral lenses completely. However, insurances each have their own guidelines for what constitutes a medically necessary fit, so it depends on your specific medical diagnosis, the reason you are being fitted with sclerals, and your individual insurance plan.

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