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The Do’s and Don’ts of Spooky Season

As the month of October rolls around and the first days of Fall pass us by, our focus seems to shift less on safety and more on the upcoming holiday season. It can become so easy to be swept away in the changes of season and reuniting with friends and family- but protecting ourselves and loved ones is just as important! As you prepare your Halloween costume, here are a few tips to keep in mind to prevent any harm to yourself (especially your eyes) from your friends at Eye Center, Inc.

Halloween Safety Tips:

  • Costume Safety: We know you want to look and feel the part as much as possible, but here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Add reflective patches to custom to draw attention to yourself and night time
    • Invest in inflammable materials to avoid any risks
  • Halloween Makeup: This holiday allows you to express yourself and your artistic ability and why not through makeup? However, remember to always…
    • Remove makeup before heading to bed to prevent further irritants to your eyes and skin,
    • Try your best to not put glitter close or into your eyes, as that could cause harm, and
    • Consider testing the product on a small area first before applying to make sure it is non-toxic
  • Accessories: Now to add the final pieces of your look and now you are ready to go!
    • Halloween gear, such as non-prescription contacts could lead to further issues.
    • The use of cosmetic lenses can lead to issues, such as pink eye, corneal scratches, corneal ulceration, and even permanent loss of sight.

Overall, the spirit of Halloween can be quite enchanting but we must remember what’s important: the safety of you and others. Please keep in mind these tips and ‘tricks’ if you decide to venture off and Trick or Treat! As always, your friends at Eye Center, Inc. are happy to help with any eye assistance you need.