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Use It OR Lose It!

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If you’ve already met your deductible, December is a great time to take advantage of your earned insurance benefits before you lose them and have a new deductible to meet in the new year. Most employer health insurance plans include a Flexible Spending Account, and many of these accounts expire at the end of each year. At that time, you must forfeit most of the unused benefits that you’ve earned.

Many vision insurance plans include annual comprehensive eye examinations and allow you to also apply at least some funds towards eyewear or contact lenses. Be sure to call your insurance company or plan administrator to verify your coverage and benefits under your Health FSA, as some employers may restrict the list of qualified medical supplies available for reimbursement.

The shortlist of what will qualify for reimbursement under Flexible Spending Accounts is your eye exam and eyewear, of course, but usually, eye drops, prescription sunglasses, and computer eyeglasses. It’s a great time to stock up on contact lenses, too, so be sure to visit us at Eye Center, Inc., especially if you’ve been considering sampling a different brand. We offer a wide variety of contact lenses and help you find the perfect fit for your eye.

If you’ve been putting off a visit to our office, now is the perfect opportunity for your annual eye exam. Also, if you don’t recall when you last had a comprehensive eye exam, give us a call at (941) 756-2020 and we’d be happy to look up your records but don’t wait until the last minute… appointments are filling up fast!