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Eye Center, Inc. COVID-19 Update

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Presently at the Eye Center, Inc., we continue to operate all three locations at Phase 1 of our reopening protocol. We are happy to see you for anything you need: routine eye exams, contact lens checks, office visits, or emergencies, but we feel it prudent to continue to keep our schedules at a minimum.

There will be only one doctor per location at any given time and we will be seeing a limited number of appointments. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we feel this is an appropriate decision to do our part to mitigate any subsequent rise of COVID-19 in our cherished local community.

Here at the Eye Center Inc., we have always maintained high standards when it comes to the safety of our patients, but we implemented even stricter sterilization protocols that we plan to leave in effect indefinitely. Our doctors and staff are all wearing masks, and if you have a mask, we ask that you wear it to your appointment. When picking out glasses, there are bins where you’ll replace the glasses after trying them on. They will be sanitized before being returned to the board. We are keeping patients in the waiting room to a minimum, but if you prefer to wait in your car, please call and let us know and we can arrange that for you. You can rest assured in the knowledge that we are providing the safest possible environment during your exam and subsequent optical experience.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for an eye exam, please feel free to call us at any of our locations. For now, we will continue to be your trusted provider for all your eye care needs, knowing that we are taking every precaution necessary.