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10 Best Practices for Wearing Contact Lenses

Are you tired of wearing glasses and are looking to switch to contact lenses? Do you already wear contact lenses and have irritation issues? Here are a few best practices to your journey of a versatile, glasses-free life:

  1. Before touching your contact lenses, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water and dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
  2. Do not rinse or store contact in water. Always use contact solution.
  3. Follow the schedule provided by your optometrist. Never wear daily contact lenses to sleep.
  4. Use new solution each time you take out your contacts out. Never reuse or “top off” old solution in your contact case.
  5. Replace your contact case every three months. If damaged or cracked, replace immediately.
  6. Never put contacts in your mouth to wet them. Saliva is not sterile and can cause irritation or infections.
  7. Always remove contact lenses before taking a shower, swimming, or participating in anything where water can enter the eye.
  8. When using solution, make sure the cap and tip of the bottle do not touch any other surface and keep the bottle tightly closed when not using.
  9. Refrain from using saline solution or rewetting drops to disinfect your lenses. These products are not disinfectants.
  10. Your cornea and vision can change over time. Make sure to schedule regular eye exams to keep healthy vision and your contacts fresh and feeling comfortable.

Daily disposable contact lenses allow for the eyes to receive a brand new contact lens, each and every day. Our tears contain proteins and fatty acids that “stick” to the surface of contact lenses, meaning that a monthly contact lens may become less comfortable with repeat wears.  The protein and lipid deposits also act as “antigens’ that our eyes may develop an allergy towards. Also, clarity of vision can become reduced towards the end of the month, as then lens wears. A fresh lens each day is better for eyes that experience dryness and/or allergies and is, in general, more comfortable. Daily disposable contact lenses also reduce the need to clean and disinfect and are associated with drastically lower rates of infection.

“The number of hours per day an individual may safely and comfortably wear their contact lenses varies per patient. I ask that my patients who suffer from dry eye and allergies to remove their contact lenses once home for the evenings and “relax” in their glasses. I think that is a good idea in general, but a healthy and comfortable patient may wear their contact lenses until bedtime. Sleeping in contact lenses is always discouraged and the risks are discussed,” said Dr. Paige Laudicina, Optometrist at Eye Center, Inc.

At Eye Center, Inc we fit a wide range of reputable brand daily disposable contact lenses to fit our patients’  individual needs, lifestyles and budgets. We do not have a “go-to” brand.

Millions of people wear contacts every day. If you’re still unsure about switching to contact lenses, call us at (941) 756-2020 and make an appointment. We’ll guide you to your perfect pair of lenses!