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Allergy Season is Back – How to Treat Your Eye Allergy Symptoms

Well, Floridians, it’s officially allergy season. Sunny weather and beautiful plants are both parts of daily life in Florida. According to Fox 13 News, this year’s allergy season will be ‘catastrophically bad.’ Allergies can cause your eyes to become red, irritated, itchy, runny, swollen, sore, sensitive and more. Most expert ophthalmologists and optometrists agree that surfactant components of existing eyelid cleansers are necessary to remove excess oil, debris and desquamated skin from the eyelids. During allergy season, our team of optometrists at the Eye Center, Inc. recommend using OCuSOFT products.

OCuSOFT is a privately-held eye and skin care company with an established reputation for innovation in eyelid hygiene. They are the market leader and #1 brand recommended by eye doctors. Since 1986, OCuSOFT has been committed to healthcare professionals and their patients. They are dedicated to addressing clinical needs with innovative solutions.

OCuSOFT wipes dissolve and remove oil, debris and desquamated skin. Their mild, non-irritating formulation is16x milder than baby shampoo. OCuSOFT also carries a foaming lid scrub. This product generates a pre-lathered foam immediately upon depressing the control tip pump.

The Department of Ophthalmology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, conducted a study titled: A Comparative Study of Eyelid Cleaning Regimens in Chronic Blepharitis. They compared Neutrogena to OCuSOFT with 26 patients over a 4 month period. 25 completed the study OCuSOFT resulted in greater symptom resolution and patient satisfaction.

If you are suffering from eye allergies, contact us today, to discuss all of your available treatment options!